About Us

Green Acre health and beauty are experts in the formulation, development, manufacture and supply of high-quality beauty, health, cosmetic and personal care products. We specialise in both male and female orientated products and we cater to a diverse client portfolio. We are fully aware for the need of discretion and have experience with celebrity clients. We know the importance of Press samples, PR, timings. and launch criteria. Green Acre Health and beauty developments are sold worldwide.


Green Acre Health and Beauty has a strong background drawing on extensive experience within the nutritional and pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic, and personal care.
We believe that customers are partners. Our operation is backed by our extensive industry and technical expertise which is a natural extension of our customers’ business helping to push growth and success. We know that if our customers succeed, we succeed.


We offer an extensive portfolio of services.
Our customers can choose how they use them, allowing each client to tailor our service provision to their needs.

Innovative Formulation & Development

Concept / New Product & Brand Development

Brand Positioning, Strategy & USP Identification

User Trials

Stability & Compatibility Testing

Sourcing of Raw Materials and Components

Manufacturing and Packing (including gift packing)

Packaging Identification, Selection & Procurement