Nutritional Supplement

Custom formulation

We specialise in bespoke custom formulations to suit all our customers specific requirements from conception to the finished product.

We are committed to giving our customers with exceptional service to ensure the highest confidence and quality in our products. Custom supplement formulations can provide customers with exclusivity to help enhance brands and products to meet a variety of specifications.
We source only the finest materials from trusted suppliers across the globe and we guarantee consistently superior supplements, minerals and vitamins and to meet customer demand.

Green Acre health and beauty have the expertise and knowledge to develop and up-scale complicated and difficult formulations to reach commercial markets. We will help you identify the right mix of ingredients for your nutritional products. Whether you need tablets,capsules, or powders, we can formulate it all for you.

We are committed to purchasing organic and natural ingredients wherever possible and many of our products include Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher certification. One of our fundamental values is our commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction and we achieve this by ensuring we go beyond meeting your specific requirements, resulting in supplying the finest quality products with a service to match.

Our customers have the freedom to develop custom supplements and vitamins to fulfil their needs and to boost their brand. Green Acre health and beauty experienced team can assist and guide you in creating bespoke supplements specifically for that brand. We are experts in custom formulations and will guide you through your formulation process, keeping you updated about the product developments at each stage of the life-cycle and provide you with a nutritional label that you can trust.

We believe the finished product will be one-of-a-kind, made exclusively to fulfil your expectations, your customers’ expectations. We are dedicated to following the latest market trends, so that we can help to create bespoke supplements with the latest ingredients and innovations.

Green Acre health and beauty  are always at the forefront of innovation and this has provided many benefits to our customers globally.

Green Acre Health and beauty knows the importance of flexibility, providing a solution to suit everybody’s needs. We offer small MOQ to large bespoke contract manufacturing services, whilst maintaining superior quality at all levels.

We offer one of the broadest available portfolios of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements with over 400 products and 1000’s of bespoke custom formulations. We have a specialist bespoke custom formulation service to suit every client’s individual requirements. Our tablet and encapsulation capability isdiverse with a full range of shapes and sizes.


  • Diverse range of shapes and sizes
  • Coating – film, sugar, enteric
  • Timed or sustained release
  • Vegan, vegetarian, kosher and Halal formulas
  • Chewable and flavoured formulations


  • Comprehensive range of two-piece capsule sizes available
  • Gelatin, vegan, vegetarian, kosher formulas
  • Standard and bespoke coloured capsules available
  • Printed capsules available for brand re-enforcement


  • Large range of softgel shapes and sizes available


  • Wide range of ingredients
  • Vegan, vegetarian Halal, and kosher formulas
  • Wide Variety of flavours

Private label

If you are searching for a high-quality Private Label supplement manufacturer to help drive your brand to success then look no further.

Green Acre health and beauty provide a full service ‘white’ or ‘Private Label’ nutraceutical supply, manufacturing for many of Europe’s USA and Asia’s leading nutritional supplement brands.

All our products are to the principles and guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). You can be confident of a quality product that helps elevate your brand.

Our custom supplement labelling service enables customers a diverse choice in a wide selection of product categories that covers all of your requirements. Placing custom supplement bottles at the forefront of your business delivers your customers with a unique nutritional product that won’t be found elsewhere.

Our in-house design team has a variety of design templates to simplify the custom label process in order to make the transition from the initial order to delivery as quick as possible.

Our approach to Private Labelling is to provide custom supplement label solutions that fit the diverse needs of your business, allowing you full control of your brand every step of the way. We accept both small and large orders to suit your requirements and budget.

Contact us today to discuss your private label needs and see how easy our solutions are to help build your business to the next level.

Sports nutrition

Sports and Lifestyle Nutrition is one of the fastest growing health sectors and Green Acre health and beauty is firmly at the forefront of end user developments.

Green Acre offer a variety of body building and sports nutrition, sports Supplements such as Amino Acids including the popular BCAA Multi-Vitamins, Glutamine, an advanced range of 100% Creatine products and Thermogenic Weight Management products.

We can also work with you to formulate your own bespoke sports nutrition supplements or you may choose to private label any of our pre-formulated products.